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» [07 Mar 2017] » DART Lab Awarded NSF STTR Phase II Project on Developing a Radar-based Wearable Heart Health Monitoring Device
» [08 Nov 2016] » DART Lab to Participate in DARPA SPAR program
» [24 Aug 2016] » DART Lab Awarded a Humanitarian Innovation Fund Grant on Developing Autonomous Aerial Vehicles for Unexploded Ordnance Detection
» [27 Jan 2016] » DART Lab Awarded a Catalyst Foundation Supplementary Grant on Developing an Extremely Low Power RF Wake-up Front-end
» [01 Nov 2015] » DART Lab to Participate in DARPA N-Zero program
» [16 Jun 2015] » James Chen awarded IEEE MTT-S Undergraduate Fellowship

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A postdoc researcher position is available. More details can be found here .

Joining DART Lab as a PhD Student

One of the philosophies of our group is to provide the students with a comprehensive training/learning experience in a diversity of technical directions. We are lucky to have a group of talented researchers, students, and collaborators with diverse expertise in micro-devices, passive/active circuits, and system design.

We are always looking for motivated students and researchers to join our group at UC Davis. Typical characteristics that we are looking for include strong motivation, good work ethics, strong analytical and hands-on skills, and above all, a curiosity about how things work and why they work.

Although the type and number of openings vary from year to year with the level of research funding, interested candidates should always free feel to contact Dr. Liu (lxgliu@ucdavis.edu) or other group members to learn about the activities and the atomsphere in the group.

To Undergraduate Students Seeking Research Experience

Our general recommendation for undergraduate students is to focus on getting good grades in your coursework. However, if you feel that you have extra time and energy, and/or that you want to explore research experience over the summer, you are most welcome to contact Dr. Liu for more information.

For students with US citizenship, we currently have a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program that can provide some level of financial support. The project is aimed at developing novel device, circuit, and signal processing techniques to realize reconfigurable bandpass-sampling receivers for softwared defined radio (SDR) applications.

To UC Davis Master Students Seeking a Project

We welcome master students who want to either experience graduate research or gain practical electronics skills for better preparation of a future job. Since most of the projects in our group relate to building actual hardware, which generally requires a longer time for the student to acquire the necessary skills and produce results, we tend to prefer Plan 1 students and/or Plan 2 students who can start the project at least a year before the graduation deadline.

We are particularly looking for students interested in one or more of the following topics:

In our lab, the expectations for a master student is that he/she must be able to contribute at least 10 hours/week to the master project. There will usually be a one-quarter “evaulation” period to determine there is enough “chemistry” between the advisor and the student.

If you are a Master student looking for a project in our group, please make sure that you start the discussion with Dr. Liu in your first year here!